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Testimonial Reviews


What people have said about Surveillance Theory from Investigative & Security professionals.

Mark Birdsall - Editor EyeSpy Magazine


Peter Jenkins’ latest book about surveillance is different from the last. If you are in the industry or wishing to train in surveillance or intelligence gathering, this is THE manual. Very clever!

ISS bodyguard.jpg
JP - Director - Bodyguard Company

Unbelievable! When Peter told me he was writing a new book, I instantly thought that he would be hard pushed to do better than Surveillance Tradecraft. I was wrong!


This new book takes surveillance training to another level and the interactive QR codes was something I was not expecting him to pull out of the hat - a brilliant concept.

ISS Bodyguard 2
TM - Surveillance Operator, Northern Ireland

Anyone attending a surveillance course will need this book, it's all the lessons, teaching notes and more are all in one place. If you are attending a surveillance course other than ISS, I am sure the training team will be using this as their guide & aide-memoir.

ISS Surveillance Covert.jpg
SH - Former SRR Surveillance Operator & Instructor

I've seen and read the digital draft for Pete's new book. A brilliant piece of work that beats any police training manual that I've seen. It's a shame it's not available as a download digital book but then again you can take a book anywhere and no need to charge it. I particularly like the question and answer session at the end of each chapter with links to the written assessments. I am sure they are going to be copied by many other training organisations. Excellent!

Richard H ISS.png
Richard H - Security Professional & Intelligence Operator

This book is an update and follow on to the author's previous book Surveillance Tradecraft. The book covers the theory and tactics about how to carry out covert surveillance whilst considering factors that affect surveillance operators such as legal and evidential issues. The tactics and drills are clearly explained and backed up by images and diagrams, with QR codes that take you directly online to further information and videos about each topic. The book also details the knowledge required to obtain the updated qualifications available in the surveillance world with example questions and answers. Overall this book is a great follow on from the author's previous titles and useful for not only individuals embarking on a surveillance course or career, but also experienced operators as a refresher.

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