Surveillance Training & Coaching on a 1 to 3 Basis

SFJ/IQ Level 4 Intermediate Award in Covert Surveillance Operations


With the government policies in respect of Covid Policy changing on a regular basis, we are offering surveillance training in the form of more personal coaching in a reduced environment.


Our new training system operates on a 1 to 3 basis (one instructor to three students) to be trained and coached in Harrogate area. The Level 4 course content remains the same and the training content and exercises have been modified to suit.


Students will commence in a two car team, progressing to a three-car team, working ‘one up’. You will be in the cars every day for the duration. The training is held over a one week or two week period.




This coaching method means that students can be tutored by Peter Jenkins, receiving much more personal coaching, resulting in a faster progression and a higher skill set.


Please contact us if you wish to take part as places are very limited.

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