The Book

This surveillance training manual has been compiled as a learning aid, guide and reference book for the surveillance operative who is undergoing surveillance or bodyguard training. For those teaching surveillance techniques, this book covers all of the theory knowledge from which to plan your lessons.

Easy to read and follow, this structured book covers the very basics to more advanced techniques.  It has been specially designed to test your underpinning knowledge in surveillance methodology & theory in preparation for taking formal NQF qualifications in Surveillance or Close Protection.


In January 2019, after much effort working with the course designers at accrediting body ‘Industry Qualifications’, three new surveillance qualifications were devised and registered on the OFQUAL National Qualifications Framework. It is these qualifications that this new book is based upon as the course training manual.


It's Interactive... Wow!

The book covers all the necessary theory and supports the underpinning knowledge required for you to pass the theory element of the course. It is also interactive; throughout the book you will find QR codes that you can ‘zap’ with your phone or tablet. You are then taken to online learning material in the form of essays, downloads and video tutorials. You are also taken to a Google ‘street view’ level which coincides with the many examples of recces, plot ups and routes that are covered.

At the end of each chapter there is a series of questions of which you should be able to answer, and you will need to know for any written or practical assessments. Again, using the QR codes these will take you to support pages where you get help with the questions and assignments. But it’s not that easy, a password is needed, and you will have to crack the code to access it.


Distance Learning?


Yes, this book is a form of ‘distance learning’, after all, what is distance learning? Its where a tutor either sends you reading material (or you download it), read it at your leisure and then answer questions or complete projects & assignments. This ‘theory course’ is all in one book and you do not have to pay hundreds of pounds for it. It will definitely prepare you and support the more practical training you will receive.


However, don’t be duped into thinking that you can read this book or carry out any online distance learning’ program and be skilled in surveillance with a minimum of a couple of days practical training. It just won’t happen; you need personal coaching over many days or weeks.

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The Author

Peter Jenkins has been managing security consultancy ISS Training Ltd for nearly 30 years providing commercial & corporate investigations and specialist surveillance training courses. Peter is a former Royal Marine Commando and currently teaches surveillance to various organisations, enforcement agencies and individuals across the world, he has operated and taught in 17 different countries.


Peter was instrumental in the design of the National Qualification Framework qualifications in surveillance. He is also the author of Surveillance Tradecraft, Covert Imagery and works semi-professional as a commercial photographer and an investigative journalist. Surveillance Theory is the author’s fifth book.

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